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Wonder where to start? Take a look at the Quick Start video for a broad overview of how the hours project works.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • What is the Hours Project?

    The Hours Project is a website showcasing Ameritas associates’ community involvement. The easy-to-use system tracks the number of volunteer hours committed by associates to a specific organization or cause. It does not track financial contributions. Once a secure account is created, Ameritas associates can develop team or individual projects, recruit team members, manage projects and add events photos and video. Associates enter their volunteer hours and the system tracks hours per project and overall – in real time.

  • Why was the Hours Project created?

    The concept behind The Hours Project is simple — tell an amazing story about the strong commitment of Ameritas associates giving volunteer time in the communities we call home. This dynamic website provides an additional tool for associates to better manage team projects.

  • Who will use the site?

    Only Ameritas associates will have the ability to become members of the site, develop a user profile, create individual or team projects and manage those projects within the system.

  • Do I need to be a member of the site to create or join a project?

    Yes. Becoming a member is easy. Use the “Sign Up” link in the top right-hand corner of the home page, create an account and complete the user profile.

  • Will the volunteer hours I submit on The Hours Project website be automatically tracked through eTime?

    Because The Hours Project and the eTime system are independent of one other, you will still need to submit your volunteer time in the eTime system to comply with HR policy. The eTime system in Lotus Notes provides associates with the ability to electronically submit PTO requests to their manager for review/approval, and the ability to review their PTO usage.

  • Should I only use the website for company-sponsored events and volunteer time?

    No. You can use the website for both company-sponsored events and volunteer events that occur outside of work.

  • What is the definition of a project?

    A project is any volunteer time that is committed to an organization or event including, but not limited to, 501(c)(3) recognized organizations, that contributes to the betterment of the community.

    If your specific talents and time includes helping an organization or event within your community, then it can be entered as a project. Does your project or event help better your community? Does it help raise awareness or educate community members? Does it help build a positive feeling or motivate others to learn more about the cause?

    For example, a team project could be a Habitat for Humanity building project or serving a meal at a homeless shelter. An individual project might be walking the dogs at the Humane Society, helping as a Junior Achievement classroom volunteer, stocking shelves at a local food pantry or serving on the board of a local community organization. While helping an elderly neighbor is a great act of kindness, it isn't an event or organization that helps the community at large. If in doubt, just ask yourself, does this project or event help better your community?

  • Who creates the projects?

    You and other Ameritas associates who are website members. Create a new project by clicking the “Add a Project” button, and then follow the directions to add information and a description to the project.

  • How do I join a project?

    Search and find a specific project, use the “Learn More” link, and click the “Join Project” button.

  • Do projects need to be approved?

    Yes. Once a project (or suggestion to add an organization) is submitted on the website, it will be reviewed and approved. For more detailed information, see our Policy and Procedures.

  • Does every project need to be a team project?

    No. A project can be a team project or an individual project.

  • Once I create a project, can I add photos and/or videos?

    Yes. You can add both photos and video of your project on the website.

  • Where can I find projects to join?

    Under the “Projects Tab,” search a specific area for a list of projects to join.

  • How do I enter volunteer time for a project?

    Once you join a project, you will see the link to enter volunteer hours.

  • Am I able to adjust my volunteer hours once I’m part of a project?

    Yes. You can adjust your hours at any time.

  • Can I view completed projects?

    Yes. You can search for completed projects just like you search for a current project. You will not be able to edit or add hours once a project is marked completed.

  • How many projects can be on the site?

    There is no limit to the number of projects entered into the site.

  • Will the website track financial contributions gathered for charitable organizations?

    No. The website only tracks volunteer hours, not financial contributions. It is not the focus of The Hours Project.

  • Do the total volunteer hours ever reset to zero?

    No. The hours submitted on the website calculate in real time and will continue to accumulate for the life of the website.

  • Do I need to be invited to a project to join?

    No. But, project team members are the discretion of the project team leader. If a project already has a sufficient amount of members, your request to join might be politely declined.

  • What if I forget my member login information?

    Use the 'forgot password' link on the sign-in page or head directly to the contact us page and let us know. A Technical Administrator will reset your password.

  • What if I experience technical difficulties with the website?

    Head to the Contact section of the website and let us know about the problem are you are experiencing.

  • How do I report inappropriate content on the site?

    In the “Media and Activity” sections, you can click the “Report” button (looks like an exclamation point) for an individual media post or activity comment. A Site Administrator will view the reported content and decide whether or not to remove it.

  • Do you collect and/or use any of my profile information?

    We just need your name and office location, a little bit of information about your skills that relate to volunteering, and your email address. Also, you can hide your profile from public view if you choose. We may run reports from the system from time-to-time, but mainly for aggregate information. We will not share or sell your profile information.

  • Are there rewards for accumulating volunteer hours?

    No, there is not an official rewards program. There will be periodic promotion of the site that may include prizes and recognition.

  • Can I still use the site if I no longer work at Ameritas?

    No. Only Ameritas associates and affiliated companies are able to use The Hours Project site. If an associate is no longer employed with Ameritas or its affiliated companies, the user profile is deleted. However, any projects the associate participated in and hours they submitted on the site will remain.

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